Chicken Wrap

Posted on January 14, 2022

This plant based meal is perfect for the time poor for a mid week dinner, or a quick and easy lunch. Chock full of protein and boasting lots of fresh veggies, it’s the perfect addition to any meal plan.

Prep time
: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Makes: 6 wraps



  1. Prepare Deliciou Plant-Based Chicken according to instructions, season with ½ tsp salt, then mould mixture into long chicken tenders. 
  2. The chicken tenders can be pan fried in oil over medium heat until golden on all sides, or baked in the oven for 15 mins at 180C/350F.
  3. Mix vegan mayo and Deliciou Bacon Seasoning in a bowl.
  4. Place wraps on a clean flat surface. Arrange a generous dollop of bacon mayo, lettuce, cucumber, capsicum (optional), avocado, and chicken tenders on the wraps, then roll up. If needed, use a toothpick to hold in position and your wrap is ready to serve. Enjoy!

Pro tip: save time by making 2-3 large patties instead, fry, then slice into strips.

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