About Deliciou

Dear bacon lover, thanks for checking out Deliciou's website. My name is Kjetil and I am the founder of Deliciou and the maker of our Bacon Seasoning that makes ANYTHING taste like bacon. 



The story of Deliciou

For many years I have been fascinated by cooking and how to combine the right flavours to create amazing meals. However, I have always thought that bacon is the most delicious flavour of all and I am probably the most serious bacon lover on the face of the planet.

I became absolutely devastated when new research found unhealthy consequences of eating processed meats such as bacon. Being the kind of bacon lover that I am, my first instinct was to find ways to enjoy bacon flavour safely. So I started, what turned out to be a year long journey with food development activities from my kitchen table.

By combining fresh spices and vegetable powders, including extracts and other flavours I had created a low in calories, low fat, low sodium and vegetarian Bacon Seasoning that makes anything taste like bacon.

When I first launched the product a few months ago the website traffic went through the roof and I sold hundreds of bottles of seasoning online without spending any money on advertising. It was an amazing feeling to see other people than myself falling in love with the seasoning. People put it in their coffee, on their eggs, on popcorn, with vegetables and anything else you could think of and started sharing all the fun they were having on social media.

While the story of my Bacon Seasoning is a success I am determined to bring you new premium blends of healthy seasonings and snacks that are easy and fun to use. Although I am based out of Melbourne in Australia, I ship globally so everyone can enjoy.